Transformation 5.0

Alive, Well, and Transforming Like Hell


I know what you’re thinking.

Where has Roger been?  Has he fallen off the Transformation wagon?  Is he lying on a couch somewhere with empty pints of Ben & Jerry’s strewn around the crime scene?

Today I am thrilled to reassure you that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I am here.  I am present.  And I am still transforming like a bat out of hell.

Cause and Effect

So what happened?  I’ll attribute the change in my posting frequency to three things:

  1. The suddenly-staring-me-in-the-face production deadline for Relentless Transformation 5.0.
  2. Daily food picture snapping and reporting mental exhaustion and fatigue.
  3. The very, very fun and very, very sleep deprived bucket list attendance of a live UFC event.

Let’s handle these in order, shall we?

A Looming Deadline

I have to be honest – it was an absolute blast reporting to you daily.  Seriously.  It was an enjoyable, cathartic experience for many, many weeks.

With that said, one fine morning I woke up and realized the following (use your imagination and insert additional expletives):  “Holy shit!  All of this has been good fun, but I actually need to create and finalize the infrastructure for the program I’m piloting.”

Remember that is always my goal.  Put myself through something before giving it to those interested.  That’s the only way I operate.

Once I had the above ah-ha moment I had no choice but to divert my daily efforts.  For the time being the bulk of my creative energy simply needs to be applied to the program itself.  It’s the only way to create something incredible.  I hope you understand!

Tracking Fatigue

One of my big beliefs and Transformation principles is in leveraging detailed logging and tracking in the short-term and transitioning into real world metrics for the long-term.

Man ‘o man it’s nice when your program principles hold up anecdotally!  I hit a massive 50 day wall.  50 days of detailed food, sleep, step, exercise, etc. tracking proved to be plenty.  Part of the reason for that is I often eat the same or similar meals.  Posting those over and over and over again became tedious!

With that said, the 50 days of tracking served their purpose and then some.  They set the tone, helped develop concrete habits, and held me accountable.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


My Sole (Semi-Conscious) Mistake

This Transformation contained one slip (I’m speaking in the past tense because I’m that confident in the statement).

With 3 good friends, I attended UFC Fight Night 45 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Viewing a UFC live has been a bucket list event, and once we arrived on the scene, our seats turned out to be amazing.

I was certainly influenced by the circumstance and the company, but I alone made the semi-conscious decision to expand my drink limit by 1…or 5…or something like that.

The good news?  Due to the bucket list nature of the show, it was 100% worth it, and I’d do it again.  Being able to say that makes me happy after-the-fact.  And lastly, my associated food consumption never slipped once.  I’ll take it.

What Now?

Is that it?  Am I going to leave you hanging when it comes to my Transformation results?

Hardly!  Instead, I’ll provide a series of micro posts to wrap this bad-boy up.

On the docket for the next 10 days:

  • The next batch of results.  Hint: they’re gooooood!
  • A word on Relentless Transformation 5.0.
  • Musings on cutting vs. bulking and re-evaluating your reasons for transforming.
  • The final recap (insert dramatic music here).


Home Stretch and Daily Fuel

One week remains in this 10-week journey.  The time has flown by, hasn’t it?

Here’s your Daily Fuel:

You can’t control the past.  You stand today as the sum of your decisions and actions.

You can’t control the future.  It is impossible to predict the changing landscape of your life.

You can control the present.  Your decisions and actions today in the context of your life’s landscape are within your control.

These decisions and actions will soon add up to a new future you.

No matter what your starting point, no matter how daunting the road, take a deep breath and focus only on today.  When you have enough todays in the bank, you will usher in a stunning tomorrow.





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