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How 52 Push-ups Becomes 22,344

Consistency. I beat that word like a dead horse. Consistency produces results. What does consistency mean in practice? This recent self-challenge helps illustrate: Complete 52 push-ups on a Monday in any way you choose. Rinse and repeat for 6…

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The “Secret” to Mass Building

Here for your benefit is an email exchange I had today with a friend. While it only scratches the surface of a popular topic and prefaces a drill-down into specifics, it’s a window into a sound philosophy. Magic pills and…

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Input, Output, and Improvement

I spent my weekend watching two sporting events. On Saturday night, I watched the loud, brash, walk-right-through-you Conor McGregor knock out Chad Mendes at UFC 189 after struggling through early challenges. On Sunday morning, I watched the cool, calm,…