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Podcast time!  Allow me to present Episode #70: Shocking Bad Habits for your listening pleasure:

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Family Matters and Training Transitions

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Home is where the bad habits are.

If you’ve come around to the notion of thriving health in your adulthood like I have, your family time and family environment come with all sorts of baked in and less than healthy associations.

I know it’s not just me because I can’t tell you how many client conversations have taken place on this subject.  Home is where you can expect to find the exact special box of cereal and/or bagels in the morning.  Home is where you have a family tradition of ordering out for Chinese food (and it’s not the steamed stuff either).  Home is where you open the fridge to find that ridiculously nostalgic ice cream brand staring back at you and a double sized bowl to put it in.  These things are like clockwork.  They are ingrained.  They are unavoidable.

You have two options: embrace the hell out of it or impose a different plan. [Read more...]


Impose New Demands to Break New Ground


Stop playing it so safe.

When you consistently play it safe, your body stops adapting both physically and mentally.  Adaptation is a function of imposing a demand on yourself, a demand to which you are not accustomed.  That provides the impetus for change.

How often are you too comfortable?  How often are you content with sticking to safe workouts, relying on overly convenient nutrition, and not prioritizing sleep and/or stress management? [Read more...]


Carrots, Sticks, and Shocks


Is it better to reach toward something positive or actively avoid something negative?

The carrot rewards you after accomplishing a milestone.  The stick punishes after deviating from the milestone’s path.

Question of the day: the carrot or the stick?

Some say it should be all carrots, all the time.  The stick mentality is unnecessary, crude, and cruel and positive reinforcement works better over the long haul.  Others side with short-term data, which prefers the stick. [Read more...]


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Podcast time!  Allow me to present Episode #69: #Thinspiration for your listening pleasure:

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Cravings, Hunger, and a Mega July 4th Recap


Do you trust your stomach?

Do you trust it to tell you when it’s hungry?  Do you trust it to tell you when it’s had enough?

I don’t trust mine one bit.

The root of my distrust likely originated with my nutritional upbringing, which centered around Pop Tarts, Tastykakes, and TV Dinners.  Eating from that food pyramid for two solid decades threw my internal hunger pathways for a loop.

Eating from that pyramid for two solid decades also put sweets – specifically cookies and ice cream – all the way at the top of my food chain.  Start eating those things, and it’s damn near impossible to stop.

What to do?  How do you cope with broken hunger mechanisms and a sweet tooth to boot? [Read more...]


Trust Yourself, Transcend, and Happy 4th!


You know you better than anyone else.

If that truth doesn’t immediately resonate, take some necessary steps.  Learn to become more aware.  Learn to listen.  Learn to trust.

When your body and mind say go, let ‘er rip!  When your body and mind say rest, pull it back!  When your body and mind say eat, eat!

At the outset of a fitness journey, you may have to override these signals at times.  After all, you are establishing new habits, and that is not an easy task.

When you hit your stride, however, these signals are your compass.  If you cannot transition from do this, not that and eat this, not that plans to ultimately trusting your signals, you will ultimately fail.  Harsh, I know.  But I stand behind those words. [Read more...]


Food Logs, Inspiration, and Halfway There


Have you ever kept a food log?

Self imposed accountability is tremendously powerful.  The simple act of writing down what you eat – on a napkin, in a journal, or through a spreadsheet – forces you to think through what you consume.  It is a tried and true way to get over a hump, get back on track, and/or assist various forms of self-experimentation.

Want to supercharge the food log process?  Take pictures of your food before you eat it as a rule (sound familiar?)  That is accountability on Raw Tea.

While I don’t believe in food logs as a long-haul activity, I wholeheartedly believe in their consistent use for beginners, their semi-regular use for the intermediate, and as periodic check-ins for the advanced.  I’m obviously food logging daily at the moment, and I’m finding it useful in the context of an aggressive challenge.  Once the Transformation ends, I’ll revert to my usual – logging a day every month or two.

Every single time I log my food, I learn something.  That is not an exaggeration. [Read more...]


Change Your Focus to Change Your Outcome


What else can you focus on?

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want to indulge, yet ultimately you do?  Why does this happen?

On Sunday, we took a fun group to Frankford Hall in Northern Liberties.  It’s a true beer garden – half indoor/half outdoor, long community tables, pretzels, and huge mugs of beer.  We arrived at lunch time, and the plan was to hang out until dinner.

If you enjoy beer (which I do around good friends), this is a dicey environment.  After all, it is a beer garden.  They have unique pours that you don’t see everywhere, and the environment revolves around them.

Here’s the thing – I didn’t want to indulge that day.  So what did I do? [Read more...]


Fitness Block, Pressure, and Preemptive Recovery


What if you’re making this too big of a deal?

What if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself?  What if that is the reason you haven’t had your fitness breakthrough, and it’s not because you are incapable, weak, and/or unmotivated?

“Writer’s block does not actually exist…writer’s block is almost like the equivalent of impotence.  It’s the performance pressure you put on yourself that keeps you from doing something you naturally should be able to do.

The reason you don’t get writer’s block as a writer is because you have a deadline and it has to be in and you have no choice.  But if you sit there and you think this piece has to be the ultimate article or the ultimate book ever been written and my entire self esteem is wrapped up in this…the bigger of a story you make up about what you are doing, the bigger the block will get…it’s all completely a performance anxiety.”

- Neil Strauss on The Tim Ferriss Show Episode #15

Does that resonate with you? [Read more...]