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Transformation 5.0

Alive, Well, and Transforming Like Hell


I know what you’re thinking.

Where has Roger been?  Has he fallen off the Transformation wagon?  Is he lying on a couch somewhere with empty pints of Ben & Jerry’s strewn around the crime scene?

Today I am thrilled to reassure you that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I am here.  I am present.  And I am still transforming like a bat out of hell.

Cause and Effect

So what happened?  I’ll attribute the change in my posting frequency to three things: Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Food Logs, Inspiration, and Halfway There


Have you ever kept a food log?

Self imposed accountability is tremendously powerful.  The simple act of writing down what you eat – on a napkin, in a journal, or through a spreadsheet – forces you to think through what you consume.  It is a tried and true way to get over a hump, get back on track, and/or assist various forms of self-experimentation.

Want to supercharge the food log process?  Take pictures of your food before you eat it as a rule (sound familiar?)  That is accountability on Raw Tea.

While I don’t believe in food logs as a long-haul activity, I wholeheartedly believe in their consistent use for beginners, their semi-regular use for the intermediate, and as periodic check-ins for the advanced.  I’m obviously food logging daily at the moment, and I’m finding it useful in the context of an aggressive challenge.  Once the Transformation ends, I’ll revert to my usual – logging a day every month or two.

Every single time I log my food, I learn something.  That is not an exaggeration. Continue Reading