Transformation 5.0

Relentless Transformation 5.0

Are you in need of a fresh start?

I know I am.

As I am fond of saying, life has a tendency to just happen.  Days, weeks, and months fly by with a disconnect between a visual in your head of what you wish for and what is actual reality.  The more time that passes, the more excuses arise.  “I’ll do it as soon as I have more time.”  “I’ll do it as soon as ___ passes”.

It’s been a busy year thus far, and those excuses have insidiously crept into my own life.  I hate that realization.  Hate.

The disconnect between my visual and my reality is a prominent source of dissatisfaction today.  And so I have two options:  change my expectations (the visual) or change my reality.

I choose the latter.

The Past

Five years ago I created a program entitled The Relentless Transformation.  Its goal?  To walk into a phone booth and see if you walked out Superman.

Anything that I preach, I must practice, and I embarked upon a pilot program alongside one of my long-time clients and friends, Beth Finn.  The pilot rocked.  While Beth lost 42 pounds and completely altered her diabetic blood markers, I dropped my body fat to an all-time low.

Roger Transformation Pilot Results

Five amazing years followed that saw 200+ individuals walk through the program’s doors and accomplish more than I can do justice in words.  You can read about some of those things here.

The Present

Evolution is unstoppable.

I look back at The Relentless Transformation 1.0 and the many iterations that followed, and I see room for improvement.  Five years is a long time, and things can become stale.

Amazing things happened.  More is possible.  That is simply how my mind works.

One example of the Transformation’s evolution is a progressive mental war between short-term and long-term.  I used to focus more on the short-term climb to a physical peak.  Today I always act with the long-term in mind.  I go to war with clients over this because it’s natural to want results now, but it’s almost never the right move to act on behalf of results now at the cost of a rebound later.

The Future

Unstoppable evolution is about to take a leap forward.

The Relentless Transformation 1.0 is getting a full makeover.  Next step: The Relentless Transformation 5.0.

That means I now have an opportunity to take a pretty darn successful recipe, deconstruct it, and re-imagine it.  I have an opportunity to take 5 years of personal growth and bake it in.  I have an opportunity to take 5 years of 200+ Transformation client lessons and bake them in.  I have an opportunity to take 5 years of non-Transformation client lessons (countless) and bake them in too.

I don’t take these opportunities lightly.

Mark Tuesday, September 2nd on your calendar.  Something incredible is around the corner.  Wait and see what it is…

Back to the Present

Remember how I said that anything I practice, I must preach?  That hasn’t changed.

Today, Tuesday, May 27th kicks off a Transformation 5.0 pilot program alongside Relentless Riss.  55 days have already begun in earnest for the two of us.

My goals?

I am decently fit today.  I can go to the gym and comfortably rip off 15 strict chin-ups and (not as comfortably) run a 6:00 mile.  But I have more bodyfat than I care for, and I am quite simply capable of more.

I’m looking to recreate the Transformation 1.0’s photo but with more muscle mass (I was skinny!)  Here’s a window into my own head.  #projectwolverine?

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Back to the Future

If you’re looking for some motivation over the next 55 days, get involved!

Put your own principles into place (I hear this is a good place to start) and join the fun.  Group inspiration has always been a Transformation tenant, and support goes a long way toward success.

I’ll share pieces of my own journey here.  Use what’s applicable to you and discard the rest.

Day 1 of 55

Mindset: anything is possible.

Sleep is a huge Transformation priority.  I led into the 55 days by banking 7 hours and 54 minutes of decent sleep (0x awake, 3x restless), which falls just shy of my 8 hours a night goal.

Nutrition is still paramount.  I’ll be incorporating and testing various “gray area” foods – namely grass-fed dairy.  Here’s my breakfast of water, lemon, 1 cup french pressed One Village coffee (aka black gold), local grass-fed greek yogurt with 1 tbsp raw cacao nibs, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 handful organic blueberries, and cinnamon.

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 Breakfast 2

Exercise shapes what nutrition creates.  I have the MS Muckfest coming up this weekend, so I’ll be leading with a mock race today.  12 quarter-miles with interspersed strength rounds (chin-ups, push-ups, bear crawls, and turkish getups).

Stress management is a fresh program component.  Today’s formula is music + diaphragmatic breathing.  Approximately 5-minutes of each this afternoon.  The tune of the day is Kings of Leon Comeback Story.

That’s it.  Go get it.  And do me a favor – be relentless about it.


Note:  Bear with me as I re-imagine the Relentless Roger website.  I’m transitioning to a theme that makes it easier to share content.  

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