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Transformation 5.0

Ranting, Raving, and Long Term Thinking


I’m ranting today.  Brace yourself.  Ready?

Why is it so hard to see the forest for the trees?  Why are we so skewed towards short-term thinking?

While short-term thinking makes sense in light of evolutionary demands, it’s pretty damn frustrating!

(Bear with me, this isn’t entirely about sports.)   I spent last night watching the Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA Draft.  The 76ers have a fairly new General Manager, Sam Hinkie, at the helm.  His strengths: smart, savvy, calculating.  His weakness: not media friendly what-so-ever. Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Relentless Transformation 5.0

Are you in need of a fresh start?

I know I am.

As I am fond of saying, life has a tendency to just happen.  Days, weeks, and months fly by with a disconnect between a visual in your head of what you wish for and what is actual reality.  The more time that passes, the more excuses arise.  “I’ll do it as soon as I have more time.”  “I’ll do it as soon as ___ passes”.

It’s been a busy year thus far, and those excuses have insidiously crept into my own life.  I hate that realization.  Hate.

The disconnect between my visual and my reality is a prominent source of dissatisfaction today.  And so I have two options:  change my expectations (the visual) or change my reality.

I choose the latter. Continue Reading