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Change Your Focus to Change Your Outcome


What else can you focus on?

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want to indulge, yet ultimately you do?  Why does this happen?

On Sunday, we took a fun group to Frankford Hall in Northern Liberties.  It’s a true beer garden – half indoor/half outdoor, long community tables, pretzels, and huge mugs of beer.  We arrived at lunch time, and the plan was to hang out until dinner.

If you enjoy beer (which I do around good friends), this is a dicey environment.  After all, it is a beer garden.  They have unique pours that you don’t see everywhere, and the environment revolves around them.

Here’s the thing – I didn’t want to indulge that day.  So what did I do?

First, I grabbed a club soda and lemon.  That filled the beverage void.  Second (you’ve heard this one before), I ate, and I ate big.  I filled up my stomach.  Fortunately, the beer garden had pork, mustard, sauerkraut, potato salad, and arugula salad.  Success.

Most importantly I placed my focus elsewhere.  Instead of sitting at a community table for 5 hours and watching others constantly drink beer (potentially agonizing), I got up and explored the surroundings.  I checked in on the soccer game, I ran into a friend and caught up, and I played what felt like 20 games of ping pong (they have tables).  Other than getting repeatedly destroyed by a resident ping pong savant we nicknamed “The Swan”, it was fun!  Marissa had the same goal and focused on catching up with her cousins and playing Jenga (which they also have).  She had fun!

The focal point of the experience changed.  Food and drinks became secondary.

Often times food and drinks are at the center of a social gathering.  But what else is there?  What else can you focus on?

If you ask and answer this question, you just might find that your insatiable cravings disappear!

Important Note: There is always a time and a place to indulge.  When it is that time and place, don’t think.  Just do, and enjoy.  The above is for the times that you’d rather not!

Day 33 and 34 Recaps

Saturday exercise brought the mainly machine based strength workout.  Weights and strength are up again, a trend that continues to be encouraging.  The protocol:

3x through, limited rest:

  • Lat Pulldown
  • Leg Press
  • Chest Press

3x through, limited rest:

  • Cable Row
  • Overhead Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl

3x through, limited rest:

  • Triceps Press
  • Bicep Curl
  • Ab Machine
  • Lower Back Hyperextension:

3x through, limited rest:

  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Calf Raise

Sunday brought rest, unless you consider getting your butt whipped in ping pong a workout.

Saturday steps and miles checked in at 12,872 and 6.93 (add 20%).

Sunday steps and miles checked in at 14,291 and 7.67 (add 20%).

Saturday sleep checked in at 6 hours and 35 minutes (11 restless minutes, 4 awake minutes).

Sunday sleep checked in at 8 hours and 51 minutes (10 restless minutes).

The nutrition

Saturday Breakfast: Grass-fed yogurt, (28g) whey protein isolate, (5g) creatine, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, organic blueberries, banana, cinnamon.  Black gold.

Day 15 Breakfast

Saturday Pre-Workout: Raw Tea.


Saturday Post-Workout: Grass-fed whole milk.

Day 14 Post Workout

Saturday Lunch: Leftover turkey, leftover greek yogurt, whey protein isolate, raspberries, shaved almonds, banana.  This was completely scrapped together.  The refrigerator was bare, and it was a grab-whatever-you-can meal to tide me over.


Saturday Afternoon Snack: Rise Bar.


Saturday Late Afternoon Snack/Meal: Remember that scrapped together lunch?  Yeah, it didn’t exactly do the trick.  This salad came courtesy of Talula’s Daily.  It was predominantly turkey, mixed greens, and raisins, along with the non-ideal aged cheddar.


Saturday Dinner: I took Marissa out for a birthday dinner at Rose Tattoo Cafe.  We went into the meal knowing that it could be whatever we wanted it to be (i.e. if we wanted any treats, we would have them).  Bread was declined.  Sparkling water was the beverage of choice.  We split mussels and a beet and goat cheese salad for appetizers.  I had a rack of lamb special with baked potato.  And…that was it.  We were full – no dessert.  It was really nice to go into a meal with pure enjoyment being the #1 priority and still come out feeling pretty darn good.  As per usual at restaurants you can taste/feel that certain sauces are heavy and/or sweet, but if that’s the worst thing happening, you’re in a decent spot!

Sunday Breakfast: (Ditto Saturday above).

Day 15 Breakfast

Sunday Late Morning: Rise Bar.


Sunday Lunch: The beer garden special.  Pork, spicy mustard, sauerkraut, and sides of potato salad and arugula salad.  The pork – called Schweinshaxe or Duroc Pork Shank – was unbelievable.

Sunday Dinner: Free range chicken breast, brown rice pasta, asparagus, green peas.


Daily Fuel



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