Transformation 5.0

Trust Yourself, Transcend, and Happy 4th!


You know you better than anyone else.

If that truth doesn’t immediately resonate, take some necessary steps.  Learn to become more aware.  Learn to listen.  Learn to trust.

When your body and mind say go, let ‘er rip!  When your body and mind say rest, pull it back!  When your body and mind say eat, eat!

At the outset of a fitness journey, you may have to override these signals at times.  After all, you are establishing new habits, and that is not an easy task.

When you hit your stride, however, these signals are your compass.  If you cannot transition from do this, not that and eat this, not that plans to ultimately trusting your signals, you will ultimately fail.  Harsh, I know.  But I stand behind those words.

It is impossible for a generic plan to be tailored to you.  It is impossible for a generic plan to know when you’ve had a hard day at work, a stressful emotional situation, a horrible night of sleep, an impossible eating environment, a hamstring tweak, neck tightness, and/or any other obstacle you can imagine.  Curveballs happen.  When they do, you must adjust your swing.

Lean on do this, not that and eat this, not that at the outset.  Adjust, progress, and transcend that mentality over time.

You are your most reliable compass.

Trusting My Own Compass

I need a break.

I need a break so I can be great on your behalf, as well as great on mine.

It’s not the kind of break that you think.

The Transformation is going very, very well.  I feel great.  My shape has drastically changed.  It’s 36 days and counting of no alcohol and no sweets, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  There will be much more progress made and much more progress to share.

So what’s this about a compass?

My compass is telling me that it’s time to re-assign some of my time.  I’m inspired, and the purpose of putting myself through the Transformation wringer was to improve my own health, as well as create the 5.0 program – the biggest, baddest program yet.

I’m taking two necessary actions:

  1. Take a break.  Yes, I’m powering down the computer for the next (gasp!) 5 days.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  My eyes and brain need a brief respite, and I’m trusting what they’re telling me.
  2. Upon return, post on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday schedule.  4 days instead of 6.  This will allow me to still do right on your behalf and still report every single thing I’m doing.  It will also give me time to shift into 5.0 creation mode and give you a break from me as well!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

What is your compass telling you?  How can you better listen to it and act on it?


Pre-Holiday Parting Words

This is still a Transformation, dammit!  The above changes nothing about taking aggressive, consistent, daily action towards being bigger, stronger, faster, and healthier.

Here’s what’s happening and what’s coming, in bullet form:

  • You may have noticed that there will be TWO weeks between measurement periods.  I’ll have the update for you on Tuesday.  I believe it’ll be another good one!
  • I need a feast.  I’ve been holding status quo eating for a number of weeks now, and I know that my body can use a huge meal, a re-feed, a power up.  Something to shake things up.  With the theme of the day in mind (trusting signals), I plan on having one.  I’ll position it after a significant workout and enjoy every bite.
  • Marissa and I are off to NJ for some family time this holiday weekend, and we plan on staying for 3-4 days.  This will be a tough stretch of consistently being out of our comfort zone.  There will be temptations galore.  THIS is what Transformation is all about – navigating real life circumstances.  I’m embracing the challenge.
  • My biggest weakness remains fully committing to the muscle build.  My mind is yearning to get ripped, not large.  I’m doing my best to push down muscle road, but I know I’m leaving size results on the table.
  • The above bullet is also a chance to gain perspective.  My ultimate goal isn’t to become the Hulk (although 10% of the time, when Raw Tea is coursing through my veins, I’d argue that point).  My goal is to become lean, muscular, and athletic.  I can’t be that upset with gaining a few pounds and completely shifting my physical composition.
  • I’m looking forward to shifting my training to the Spartan Race.  Relentless Fitness got an awesome write-up today, and I want nothing more than to race and crush it alongside the team.

Happy 4th of July to all – enjoy the fireworks!  While you’re at it, create some of your own.


Day 36 Recap

Recovery in the exercise world.  Steps and miles checked in at 15,790 and 8.49 (add 20%).

Sleep checked in at 8 hours and 30 minutes (12 restless minutes, 4 awake minutes).

The nutrition

Breakfast: Grass-fed yogurt, (28g) whey protein isolate, (5g) creatine, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, organic blueberries, banana, cinnamon.  Black gold.

Day 15 Breakfast

Lunch: Oh boy did I butcher planning for this.  I was under the impression that there were still leftovers in the fridge.  WRONG!  What to do, what do do?  How about 5 free range eggs in liberal coconut oil, purple kimchi, the last banana, and almond butter?  It’s key in moments like these to keep your wits about you and simply do the best you can.


Afternoon Snack: Rise Bar x2.  The first one was planned.  The second one happened after realizing that lunch just wasn’t enough to get me through a late night of training at Relentless Fitness.  Remember, it’s key to have these kinds of things on hand for when you need them.


Dinner: Grass-fed burger, 1 piece bacon, 1 free range egg, baked sweet potato, organic green beans.  A large, delicious, and very necessary meal.


Daily Fuel

Relentless Riss is back with her Week 5 recap.  In her words: “Whatever it is, do you and be happy! Own it and stand proudly next to you.”

Powerful Tony Federico, a good friend and business partner, also just published his new book Paleo Grilling.

Since you’ll be holiday grilling and staying healthy in the process, I figured I could sneak in a timely plug for him.  Proud of you T-Fed – you’re killing it!


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