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the dark side of being an entrepreneur

Relentless Podcast

The Fine Line Between Grind and Rest Your Mind

It’s time for Episode 13 of the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast:


State of Relentless: 

Relentless Main Event: 

  • The dark side of being an entrepreneur – when caring, taking on more responsibility, and persisting after your vision overwhelm you.
  • Employing three strategies – internal adaptation, external adaptation, and systems – to lessen your burden.
  • Fighting the urge to run and finding a way through the pain.

Relentless Actions: 

  • Mind: Removing social media phone notifications and batching it like your email.
  • Body: Taking advantage of the beautiful Fall season while it’s here via hikes and outdoor activity.
  • Business: Seeing the opportunity in the holiday season, which is a common ground for many.

Relentless Ask:
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