Transformation 5.0

Fickle Motivation, Pain, and Powerthirst


Motivation is a fickle thing.

One day you are on fire.  Well rested, feeling like results are pouring in and time is flying, and operating as if Powerthirst is fueling your life.

The next you are suddenly dragging.  A rough night of sleep, feeling like results are stagnated and time isn’t moving, and immune to caffeine.

What gives?

Welcome to the Relentless Transformation (and life, for that matter) rollercoaster.  It’s natural.  Breaking out of the status quo and affecting positive change requires enormous amounts of energy.  Breaking bad habits and turning them into productive ones requires enormous amounts of initial will and desire.

I firmly believe that input = output.  What you choose to focus on and intake into your own mind and body will generate the ultimate result.  This equation spans the obvious – exercise and food – to the less obvious – books, music, and television (all of which affect your mindset).

On Transformation road turn your surroundings into the best input possible.  Supercharge them.  Bring into your environment the things that light you up as a human being and inspire you.  Remove the things that don’t.  Make no apologies for what makes the cut and what doesn’t.  Finally, self-experiment and stay aware of how your energy patterns change over time.

If you’re dragging today, I promise you can turn that around by going in search of a different input.

If you’re on fire?  Keep drinking that Powerthirst, my friend.

Day 8 Recap

Today reminded me that during growth phase, soreness will be the rule, not the exception (remember, this is specific to my personal goal).  And so an accurate prediction for the next 6 weeks is…

Exercise was non-existent, and recovery was the name of the game.  Steps hit 18,351 for 8.82 miles, all logged in the natural flow of the day.

Sleep hit 9 hours 38 minutes (holy hell!), made possible by an extremely early bed-time.  It was, however, very choppy and contained 15 restless minutes.

Here goes the nutrition:

Breakfast: grass-fed greek yogurt, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut, blueberries, and raspberries, with a touch (1/2 tablespoon) of local honey.  Black gold.

Day 8 Breakfast

Pre-Lunch: I wasn’t able to get home in time for a normal lunch, so I wolfed down a Rise Bar just before noon.  Hunger is definitely picking up, and I expect that trend to continue as I push more weights.


Lunch: Free range turkey (half dark, half white meat), wilted spinach, organic white sweet potato, salt/pepper/garlic/cayenne.  Also pictured up close are the brands of fish oil and probiotic that I’m using.  Carlson’s fish oil.  Garden of Life raw probiotic.

Day 8 LunchDay 8 Lunch 2

Mid-Afternoon: Fresh goat yogurt (Shellbark Hollow Farms).

Day 8 Afternoon

Dinner: Grass-fed delmonico steak (insanely good), a touch of garlic herb grass-fed butter, white sweet potato, asaparagus.

Day 8 Dinner

Daily Fuel

Remember my quote earlier?  Make no apologies for what fires you up and what doesn’t.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite inputs for a serious surge of energy, courtesy of my favorite football player, Brian Dawkins.  No one worked harder, and no one had more passion for the game.  That passion input is what I translate to any desired output.

Do it for Brian Dawkins.  Bring it on every “play” of your own day today, and see what you get in return.  It’ll be worth it.


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