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Relentless Roger and The Caveman Doctor podcast

Back to the City of Brotherly Love

Episode #79 of Relentless Roger and The Caveman Doctor has arrived!

For those who don’t know, my good friend Dr. Colin Champ – aka The Caveman Doctor – and I have quite an archive of podcast episodes.

In this episode:
Dr. Champ’s triumphant but brief Philadelphia return, Relentless Fitness studio, Spartan Race, Japan, Japanese cuisine and culture, vegetable consumption, kobe beef, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, prebiotics, raw almonds, safe starches, plants and Paleo, amylase, varying your exercise routine, dynamic stretching, yoga, exercise versus movement, post workout carbohydrates, coffee check in, Wright Brothers, On Writing, Lil Wayne and Gary Vaynerchuk, inputs and outputs, and consuming versus creating. Enjoy!


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