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Steve Liberati: Build Something Remarkable, Remain Curious, and Water Down Your Wine

It’s time for episode two and the first long-format discussion on the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast!

Podcast Description:

A deep dive into how real people get real results in the real world. Relentless mixes stories to provide context and the actions you can take right now in both short-format episodes and long-format interviews. Get ready to tackle anything from your morning cup of coffee to your exercise and nutrition regimens to building a million dollar business.

Steve Liberati: Build Something Remarkable, Remain Curious, and Water Down Your Wine

In this episode I welcome in Steve Liberati, a true Crossfit OG, the founder of Steve’s Club, the creator of Steve’s PaleoGoods, and – he’d say most importantly – a husband and father.  Here’s the rundown:

  • Steve on Seth Godin: “He inspired me not only to build something but to build something remarkable.”
  • He fueled the discussion with Nespresso, although his morning began with French pressed La Colombe coffee.
  • Strategy for breaking out of a slump: “stand up, walk around, go outside, and take a deep breath.”
  • Inspiring book of the moment: Different by Youngme Moon.
  • On the corporate world: “It sounds real fancy. I had a suit and tie. I had a fancy business card. I thought I had everything I wanted.”
  • Soul searching and transitioning careers: “I have to love what I do. I have to have meaning.”
  • Learning on the pest control job as part of his Dad’s company: “It’s one thing to have all of the textbook concepts and marketing terms, but it’s a whole different thing running a business and wearing multiple hats.”
  • A recommendation to keep the daytime job and use it to pay the bills while you pursue other avenues.  “When you’re pressured to pay the bills it changes your focus.”
  • The organic evolution of ideas.
  • Forget “What are you passionate about?”  Ask “What are you curious about?”
  • Seeing the benefits of group training and starting Crossfit Tribe in the park with sandbags.
  • Inspiring youth via creating an environment in which to succeed.
  • Respecting the adversities and challenges of others and realizing it’s not me vs. the world.
  • On spreading himself too thin: “We all have ADD. We want to do so many different things. We want to have our hands in everything. And before you know it, it’s just not effective. I was doing a lot, but I wasn’t doing anything great.”
  • Big Steve to Young Steve: “Keep it real. You have to be realistic with  yourself and what your strengths are. Time management wasn’t one of my strengths.”
  • Ditching technology for a pen and post-it notes to stay on schedule.
  • Growing slow and find the sweet spot – best possible service balanced with good demand.  More is not necessarily better.
  • Advice to online sellers: “Do your research.” Sometimes an idea may not work even though it’s your passion. Map it out and do your homework. “Hope is not a strategy.”
  • Advice to retail sellers: “Make sure you are well funded.” Self-funding is very difficult when it comes to fast growth. Get capital beforehand, not during.
  • Living by strong principles and being proud to sell what you are offering.
  • Resisting pressures to cut costs and quality: “Once you take a cookie from the cookie jar you think you can take another cookie.”
  • Recognizing that managing people is not a strength and finding others to thrive in that role. “I do my best to lead from the front.”
  • Leaving his ego behind: “Even though my name is on it, it isn’t about Steve.”
  • Family is #1.
  • Balancing work and family and deciding to go home on time: “Is the smokehouse on fire? Can it be fixed tomorrow? Can I come back to this?”
  • Respecting “feeling good” as just as powerful an end goal as scale reduction.
  • There are no magic pills and cookie cutters. Everyone has to find their personalized sweet spot.
  • Having an end game of helping as many people as he can, eating good, feeling good, and being good.
  • Emulating Roman emperors and watering down his wine.

STEVE’S Relentless Action:  Counteract.  Balance is key, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.  If you’re going all out balls to the wall, take a step back, relax, read a book, take a walk.

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