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Michelle Norris: How to Merge Mission and Money to Create a Mega Event

It’s time for episode 30 of the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast!

In this episode I welcome in Michelle Norris – PaleoFX co-creator, chef extraordinaire, owner and founder of Instinct Catering Events, and founding partner of ID Life.



  • In hindsight: “I would build our infrastructure first if I had it to do all over again. We did this as a hobbyist type model. We didn’t do this as a business. It was just to spread the message, get the movement going, and fill a need. That’s what we did. We saw a need and we filled it.”
  • What are examples of better infrastructure? “Having protocols in place, having a hierarchy, and knowing who has what answer. What happens is 20 of us are emailed and just 1 person should have been emailed.”
  • Roger: “Everyone gets hit with everything and everyone wears down in the process. Take things off of each others’ plates on focus on each others’ strengths.”
  • On efficiency: “We weren’t built efficiently because we didn’t know it [PaleoFX] would get this big and it would turn into an actual business.”
  • Taking action on advice from Robb Wolf: Incorporating digestive enzymes and turning off phone notifications.
  • A lesson from organizing sponsors and the expo floor: “Engaging with them on what their expectations are and meeting them…because they’re spending very good money to be there…It’s managing their expectations too. It’s finding out exactly what they’re expecting and letting them know if some of those things are not within your capability and letting them know what is and trying to go above and beyond.”
  • Roger: “So much of the enjoyment of an experience is what you expect going into it.”
  • A lesson from organizing speakers: “Without the speakers we wouldn’t have a conference. Making sure they are happy and that they get what they need.”
  • Have you dealt with divas? “This is a people business and that’s one of the best parts of it. But the toughest part of it is that it’s a people business. In every business you have a diva to deal with in some aspect.”
  • Most memorable food/drink consumed at PaleoFX:
  • One thing you did that you didn’t know you could do: “PaleoFX as a whole.”
  • How do you determine who takes the blame during a crisis? “In my opinion, it’s always my ultimate responsibility. It’s our show.”
  • On sticking with your dreams: “We went into personal debt after the first PaleoFX, but we knew in our hearts that it was something that was needed and something we believed in.”
  • On learning to respect money: “The more money that you make, the more people that you can touch, employ, and have involved. That resonated with us. That’s when it turned into a serious business.”
  • On price setting: “We set our ticket prices at the expectation of the public. We intentionally kept our ticket prices low because we didn’t want a high threshold to entry. Our position isn’t to make a lot of money. Our mission is to further the movement and bring in as many people as possible so they get education and empowered so that they become their own health advocates.”





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