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Relentless Podcast

Less Diets, More Vitamin D, and a Clear North Star

It’s time for Episode 28 of the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast:


Relentless News: 

  • Discussing a break from coffee and a green tea substitute.
  • Recapping last week’s episode with Rebecca Barber.

Relentless Main Event: 

  • How to evaluate any diet, including the example of a 5/2 approach.
  • Hormetic stressors and a different way to think about exercise and nutrition.

Relentless Resource: 

Relentless Actions: 

  • Mind: Proactively get your dose of Vitamin D. (Referenced chart from Dr. Patrick)
  • Body: Base your exercise routine on your preferences and discard the idea that you “need” to do it any one sort of way.
  • Business: Crystallize your main goal – your North Star – and stress less about the things that don’t matter.

Relentless Ask:
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Transformation 5.0

Vitamin D, Heat, and Hormesis


A new post-workout equation: Vitamin D + heat = ?

Pictured above is the post-workout scene at the apartment building, as well as the new laboratory for testing this proposed equation.  I’ll use the laboratory after each and every strength workout, spending 30-minutes in the sun and summer heat.

Now what’s the equation all about?

For starters you’re likely familiar with Vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin.  Bone, skin, heart, and immune health are all conditions for which Vitamin D is administered.  Relevant to the Transformation at hand, I’m most concerned with its muscle promoting properties.  This study supports a link.  So does this one.  And this one.

But why heat?  What does that have to do with anything? Continue Reading