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Relentless Podcast

Pam Leary: Strength, Positivity, and Protein Coffee

It’s time for episode 29 of the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast!

In this episode I welcome in Pam Leary – Relentless Fitness Strength Authority, personal trainer, aspiring physical therapist, dancer, and drinker of protein coffee.



  • Paying it forward and finding a charity that you believe in.
  • Pam’s Protein Coffee:
    • Step #1: Mock creamer – mix tablespoon of protein powder + tablespoon of water in bottom of a cup
    • Step #2: Pour hot coffee over mixture
  • On practicing what you preach: “Usually I like to torture myself with what I torture them with.”
  • On inspiration: “Basically any DMX song is enough to get me riled up.”
  • On the importance of strength exercise: “So many females out there are spinning their wheels doing cardio and abs and cardio and abs and eating less food. It’s just not working for them, and they’re wondering why.”
  • On teamwork in dancing: “I’m on that treadmill and I want to die, but my teammate next to me is still going. Then when I’m on the dance floor, and I’m so tired or I feel like I can’t push through, you have that same team feel. I’ve always loved that.”
  • On making a hard decision to shift out of dance: “It was a really hard decision to say that I’m going to stop doing what I thought that I was born to do and what I thought that I was put on this Earth to do and what everyone is telling me I should do. The day that I said ‘ok, I’m going to transition and it’s alright’ I feel like a big weight lifted, and I haven’t looked back ever since.”
  • Experiencing injuries in dancing and having a timely hip pop contribute to changing her course.
  • Advice to those with a nagging injury: “Always go get seen. So often people let it rest for a week, and then they go back to it. Get an eval with a doctor or a PT. You can Google all you want but it’s not going to give you the right answer.”
  • On resting: “Understand that rest is necessary…Either you’re out for a month while you’re recouping or this is going to be a nagging issue for the rest of your life. Which one are you willing to sacrifice?”
  • Roger: “No matter what profession you’re in, no matter what your career passion is, body awareness will serve you, especially as you get older.”
  • On instant gratification: “Everyone wants to know what they’re getting out of it right now, and they want to feel what they’re getting out of it now…In our industry it’s really hard to convince people that what they’re doing is going to work because they can’t see it right away and they have to look into the future for it.”
  • On following an entire protocol: “This is not a la carte fitness. You follow the plan and you stay consistent and you stay patient.”
  • On evolving your workouts: “Make sure you’re progressing. Change things up. Add some weight to your exercises or add some reps.”
  • On enjoying the process: “What makes me so happy to be in this business is I love the delayed gratification. I love thinking wow, three months ago you could not do that. Two months ago you’re pants did not look like that. I get excited for that.”
  • On client measuring sticks: “Focus on your performance metrics and consistency in those. I promise you if we continue to crush the performance metrics before you know it those physical ones you want will be there.”
  • On her career path: “Being able to combine those two things [personal training and physical therapy] and show people how movement can be medicine is going to be huge. It’s a big trend coming up in the world, and I want to be a part of it.”
  • Simple advice: “If you’re not passionate about something, then don’t do it.”
  • Roger: “We all have bad days, but when you show up at my service oriented job, you have to turn it on. That’s the name of the game…If I bring my baggage into a day, and I can’t turn it on, I’m a shitty professional.”
  • On positivity: “No one likes a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer.”
  • On public accountability: “If you’re afraid to do something, tell someone. Tell everyone.”
  • On the impact of strength: “Physical strength is so empowering mentally and physically, and it can do some much for you – your figure and your mind.”
  • Roger: “If you are high performing in one area of your life, that is transferable. For all of those high performing people out there who struggle with fitness, you are a step away. You are a well structured program and accountability away from becoming a high performing fitness person. You have that mindset. It’s just a matter of prioritizing and actualizing the fitness side of things.”
  • “Stop looking at other people’s inspirational stories and become your own.”
  • Don’t take on too much: “It’s ok to say no. In the end if I say yes to someone and then I have to back out of it, I look more like the jackass…You can’t be Superman. You can’t do everything.”



Mind: “Reconnect with why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you don’t remember why you’re doing it, you’re not going to want to do it. You’re not going to stay consistent if it’s not important to you. What is your goal? How important is it to you? Is what you’re doing aligning with that?”

Body: “If you have an injury, address it. If you have a light ache, address it. Don’t let it get to the point where you spend months and months in therapy.”

Business: “Be your own brand…What’s the first thing people are going to think when your name comes up and how do you want to represent yourself?”


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Relentless Podcast

Reduce Stress in 10 Steps, Take Charge of Your Future Self, and Create Clarity

It’s time for Episode 14 of the Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World podcast:


State of Relentless: 


Relentless Main Event: 

  • Consider who you want to be and/or what you want to create in 1, 10, 20 years. Is today contributing to that? Consider and chart your course.
  • Be honest about your stressors and don’t be fooled by the presentation of others – everyone has their unique set of struggles.
  • Make sure that your go-to stress reaction is not always flight. Balance it with some fight.
  • 10 short-term stress reduction strategies.

Relentless Actions: 

  • Mind: Create a Mastermind group with personalities offering a fresh perspective and external accountability to your hopes and dreams.
  • Body: Eat and drink seasonal, local, and fresh – you’ll be better for it.
  • Business: Provide crystal clarity for yourself first, which extends to others.

Relentless Ask:
Hit me in the comments or at with a question, topic, or theme you’d like addressed on a podcast episode soon!

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Short Format

Free Fitness Results! Interested?

While I respect and am proud to offer external accountability to many, there is another side of the coin. When striving for physical results, it’s essential to understand. Allow me to explain…

First, a spark. I recorded a follow up podcast – release in two weeks – with real-life Hulk Keith Norris (listen to his first one here). Late in the conversation we talked sleep. More specifically, we discussed how an individual can spend so much time stressing over breakfast, supplements, and workouts while getting choppy 4-5 hour per night sleep. Doesn’t that seem counterproductive?

Second, a flame. I programmed a heap of walking for a friend to develop the habit, which we know drives body composition improvement and long-term health. Unfortunately the response was that while my effort was appreciated, walking wasn’t intense enough and would be swapped out.

This isn’t a diss to those who don’t sleep well or to my friend, who I love. With that said, here’s my emotion right now. W. T. F. Spelled out more specifically, that’s “what the fuck”, people.

When FREE samples, sessions, or supplements are offered, most people jump at the opportunity. However when FREE physical results are offered, most people ditch them like a bad habit.


  • Supplements cost significant money. Broccoli doesn’t. Many people buy into supplements and rarely steam broccoli.
  • Personal training sessions cost significant money. Walking doesn’t. Many people attend their sessions and skip the walks.
  • Television cable packages and technological devices with screens cost significant money. Sleep doesn’t. Many people watch television, keep their screens on, and sleep horribly.
  • Meditation retreats, programs, and apps cost significant money. Meditation itself doesn’t. Many people go to the retreats, complete the programs, buy the apps, and then don’t meditate.

Here’s a damn simple formula: eat unprocessed, walk prodigiously, sleep well, and find a consistent outlet for your stress.

Do these things and do these things well. Then allocate your money to a personal trainer who revolutionizes your strength world, to a supplement that fills in a blank, or to a retreat that interests you.

Don’t be someone who spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on fitness without carrying your own weight in the fitness equation. Work on establishing internal accountability, then add external accountability.

Look inward, not outward.

It’s free.