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Transformation 5.0

Social Walking, Progress, and Robb Wolf


When I was a teenager, my best friend and I had an unusual habit: walking.  It was unusual because not many teenagers were doing it.  In fact, I’m not quite sure why we did it.  Maybe it was because his mom was an avid power walker.  Maybe it was simply time to catch up about the latest in sports and punk rock.

Our neighborhood was a figure-8 loop of almost 2 miles, and it had some nice scenery to boot.  There was nothing quite like going out on a nice summer day, soaking in the sun, and smelling the fresh cut grass.  We would say things like “man, I could walk forever”.

Fast forward to the present day.  I met up with a good friend yesterday and we… yes – you guessed it – took a walk.  It was time to catch up about the latest in sports and fitness (interesting swap with punk rock).  It involved a nice spring day, soaking in the sun, but unfortunately a little less fresh cut grass than the suburbs.  It took us around Philadelphia and the Schuylkill River trail, with a pit stop at Rival Bros coffee.

Conceptually you know that walking is good.  The reports on its benefits are endless.  But how often do you actually do it? Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Walking Tall, Destination Movement, and Internal Fire

Walking Tall

Embrace movement.

Really, embrace it.  You were quite literally made to move.

Yes, it feels like drudgery at times.   Yes, you would rather plant yourself on the couch at times.  Yes, hailing a cab seems more enticing at times.

However, movement – walking, climbing stairs, hiking, playing – is a pillar of the Relentless Transformation.  A pillar that’s often ignored.

“I could go for a walk, but how much difference is that really going to make?”

The answer is a lot.  Movement adds up and comes with both physical and mental benefits. Continue Reading