Relentless Nutrition Action Plan
Break the Diet Cycle. Smash Your Scale. Take Pride in Your Health.

This is written for you.

This is written on behalf of your nutritional revolution.

This is written in the name of real-world results.

This is written because there is a lot of bullshit out there, and it can be both confusing and overwhelming.

This is written because there is also a lot of great material out there, and it can be both confusing and overwhelming.

This is written to make sense of it all and inspire you to change how you eat in order to change how you live.

One action at a time.

You are
58 Actions
10 Weeks
away from a
New Lease on Food

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  • Preface: Problem and Solution
  • Week 1: What to Eat
  • Week 2: What Not to Eat and How to Tell the Difference
  • Week 3: How to Eat It
  • Week 4: Food Acquisition
  • Week 5: Food Preparation
  • Week 6: Real-World Eating
  • Week 7: Optimization
  • Week 8: Self-Experimentation

Sample Chapter

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"One thing I am not afraid of is hard work. I think what has held me back is often just not knowing what kind of hard work to be doing! I think I finally came to the right place =)" - Meg
"I went into Transformation half hoping to debunk the diet component of the program and half looking to change up my workout routine. Roger schooled me and I now recognize the impact of a quality diet on my body composition and well-being. 14 lbs, 6% body fat, and a shredded physique in 8 weeks... well worth the investment of time and energy. The return on that investment was HUGE!"
- Chris
"As a carb-loving, bread-making Italian girl, I was really skeptical of the primal/paleo diet. I tried to go the first four weeks of my transformation grain free, and after that, I found that I wasn't even craving the grains and other unhealthy foods anymore. From a neurobiological approach, I know that eating grain based carbs slows you down mentally, but I never really took that research to heart until I witnessed it in my own body. Besides losing a ton of weight, I've felt more energized, both mentally and physically. I really was skeptical about the whole thing, but now I find myself pushing this way of living on my friends and family. It really is a healthier way of eating and living." - Jackie
Get the Ebook on Amazon - $6.99

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