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Transformation 5.0

Impose New Demands to Break New Ground


Stop playing it so safe.

When you consistently play it safe, your body stops adapting both physically and mentally.  Adaptation is a function of imposing a demand on yourself, a demand to which you are not accustomed.  That provides the impetus for change.

How often are you too comfortable?  How often are you content with sticking to safe workouts, relying on overly convenient nutrition, and not prioritizing sleep and/or stress management? Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Fitness Block, Pressure, and Preemptive Recovery


What if you’re making this too big of a deal?

What if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself?  What if that is the reason you haven’t had your fitness breakthrough, and it’s not because you are incapable, weak, and/or unmotivated?

“Writer’s block does not actually exist…writer’s block is almost like the equivalent of impotence.  It’s the performance pressure you put on yourself that keeps you from doing something you naturally should be able to do.

The reason you don’t get writer’s block as a writer is because you have a deadline and it has to be in and you have no choice.  But if you sit there and you think this piece has to be the ultimate article or the ultimate book ever been written and my entire self esteem is wrapped up in this…the bigger of a story you make up about what you are doing, the bigger the block will get…it’s all completely a performance anxiety.”

– Neil Strauss on The Tim Ferriss Show Episode #15

Does that resonate with you? Continue Reading