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Transformation 5.0

33% Complete: A Look Back


33% of my Relentless Transformation is complete.  Done.  Gone.  Over.

I both can and can’t believe it.  It feels blink-of-an-eye short and grind-your-nails-on-chalkboard long, all at the same time.  I’m comfortable I have plenty more weeks to achieve my vision and terrified that they’re not even close to enough, all at the same time.

That is the transformation rollercoaster.  Put more broadly, that is the positive change rollercoaster.  It’s simple, but it ain’t easy!

I’ve written about the absolute importance of periodic reflection, so let’s reflect, shall we? Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Paleo Not Paleo, Daily Fuel, and Lock In

Simpsons Angel Devil

Today begins with a question:

“Are chia seeds, quinoa and yoghurt Paleo? I thought we weren’t supposed to eat those?” – Steven

First, Steven, thanks for writing!  I felt this warranted a more thought out reply, so onward to the answer:

In the strict sense chia seeds, quinoa, and yogurt are decidedly not Paleo.  However, is Paleo the measuring stick that takes priority in every situation?

I love Paleo.  I support it, I believe in it, and I practice it.  Most of the time.

Paleo fails when it becomes blind, when it becomes blanket shoulds and shouldn’ts, and when it loses the individual nature of nutrition. Continue Reading