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Transformation 5.0

Too Much Too Soon, Fat 2 Fit, and Stoicism

I get it.  I know you are dedicated.

At the outset of any big physical push, there is a tendency to do too much too soon.  It’s natural.

Usually the push begins out of dissatisfaction with the status quo.  When the dissatisfaction reaches a tipping point – BAM – you want to change it all now.  Overnight.  Right this second!

In Relentless Transformation kick-off consultations, I’m regularly holding people back from what the believe they should be doing.  “I can give you 6 days a week.  1.5 hours in the gym per day.  No, make it 7 days!”  I always appreciate the dedication.  And then of course I roll up my sleeves and explain why I only want 3 workouts in week one. Continue Reading