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Transformation 5.0

It’s Official, Be Specific, and The Relentless 5K

It’s official now.

The build-up to a Relentless Transformation comes with rapidly swinging emotions.  Am I really doing this?  Hell yes I’m doing this!  What if I don’t meet my expectations?  I’ll crush my expectations!  And around and around they go, impossible to control.

By Day 1 the swings are gone.  Replacing them is raw energy.  It’s a day when caffeine ain’t got nothing on the natural high.

On Day 2 it’s official.  There’s latent fatigue from Day 1 after the mega energy burst.  It creates a grounded realness to the experience.  Yes, this will be awesome, but yes, this will take hard work and habit formation.  Roll up your sleeves.  One step at a time. Continue Reading