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Transformation 5.0

Family Matters and Training Transitions

3D Bad Habits Crossword text

Home is where the bad habits are.

If you’ve come around to the notion of thriving health in your adulthood like I have, your family time and family environment come with all sorts of baked in and less than healthy associations.

I know it’s not just me because I can’t tell you how many client conversations have taken place on this subject.  Home is where you can expect to find the exact special box of cereal and/or bagels in the morning.  Home is where you have a family tradition of ordering out for Chinese food (and it’s not the steamed stuff either).  Home is where you open the fridge to find that ridiculously nostalgic ice cream brand staring back at you and a double sized bowl to put it in.  These things are like clockwork.  They are ingrained.  They are unavoidable.

You have two options: embrace the hell out of it or impose a different plan. Continue Reading

Transformation 5.0

Cravings, Hunger, and a Mega July 4th Recap


Do you trust your stomach?

Do you trust it to tell you when it’s hungry?  Do you trust it to tell you when it’s had enough?

I don’t trust mine one bit.

The root of my distrust likely originated with my nutritional upbringing, which centered around Pop Tarts, Tastykakes, and TV Dinners.  Eating from that food pyramid for two solid decades threw my internal hunger pathways for a loop.

Eating from that pyramid for two solid decades also put sweets – specifically cookies and ice cream – all the way at the top of my food chain.  Start eating those things, and it’s damn near impossible to stop.

What to do?  How do you cope with broken hunger mechanisms and a sweet tooth to boot? Continue Reading