RRCD Podcast #15: Bulletproof Breakfast

Saturday, August 25, 2012


We’re back for Episode #15!

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In Episode #15, Roger and Dr. Champ:

  • http://Lpjohnson.blogspot.com Lyndsey

    Hey, Roger. I would like to comment on use of dexa scans. I would love it if you would promote waste measurement, calipers, looking in the mirror, etc over dexa. It is a neat tool, but risk vs. benefit (in my opinion) is poor. It does use ionizing radiation, which I’m not sure your listeners are aware of, and waste measurement really is quite adequate for nearly everyone. Maybe if it comes up again you can mention that there is a dose of radiation involved? Thanks, keep up the good work!

    • admin

      You know Lyndsey – that’s a fantastic comment. I must admit I hadn’t considered the risk factor. We’ll mention it on the next episode. Now I don’t feel so bad about not having a DEXA partnership at the moment. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Chuck Currie

        I heard/read that small doses of radiation is probably not bad for you – promotes hormesis or radiation homeostasis: see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_hormesis. I’m sure pilots and flight attendants get exposed to more radiation than someone who gets an occasional DEXA scan.

  • Chuck Curre

    1st – Get Dave Asprey on your show – you’ll like him and so will your listeners. Horizon expansion.

    2nd – Nit Pick – Bulletproof Coffee is the recipe – UpGraded Coffee is the brand.

    3rd – You need to use the MCT oil Dave sells on his site. Good stuff – completely flavorless for those who don’t like the flavor of coconut oil in their coffee. Really makes good foam. I tried NOW foods brand – had to through it out – tasted rancid. I also use it, along with olive oil, to make salad dressing. It also makes good mayo.

    4th – Get a Chemex drip coffee maker – makes the best coffee I’ve ever had, regardless of the coffee used, and I’ve used every type of coffee maker you can think of. I know it sounds crazy – but, it’s not. Really.

    5th – Eating something with your Bulletproof coffee – I have stayed away from so called paleo baked goods do to my aversion of pre-cracked nuts; i.e. almond flour (they start to spoil and go moldy as soon as they are cracked open), but I saw this recipe for a coconut flour bagel on the Wheat Belly blog – http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2012/07/maria-emmerich-and-the-art-of-eating-healthy/ – and gave it a try. Not bad – not a bagel by any means – but ok. More the texture of corn bread. It was the first “bread like” item I’be eaten in five years, so it was kinda nice. I make a cinnamon version and put mascarpone on it.

    I also found a recipe for coconut bars – http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/02/recipe-simple-chocolate-coconut-squares.html – on The Paleo Mom blog. I use very dark chocolate – two squares of Lindt’s 90% chopped up – and add two tablespoons of organic raw unprocessed coconut palm sugar – three grams of sugar per teaspoon, one less than table sugar and not as sweet. Coconut and 90% chocolate can be a little bitter, so the sugar takes the edge off. Of course if you use regular chocolate chips, you’ll get a lot more sweetness – too much for me. I cut it into nine squares and figure there’s less than four grams of sugar per square. What I like about it is you have to chew – and I do mean chew – a lot in order to get it into a consistency you can swallow, and that really works the salivary glands and promotes good digestion – especially for the typical fast eater. They really go well with the high fat Bulletproof coffee – even though the coconut is also pretty high fat – they help with the queasiness that can come from too much fat at one time. They have become a staple in my diet – two a day – and my tummy has never felt better.

    Really enjoy your show – Cheers


    • admin

      Chuck – I have to thank you for the most in-depth comment the show has received thus far!

      1 – We’ll look into having Dave on a future show, as it was nice meeting him briefly at PaleoFX12.

      2 – Thanks for the correction.

      3 – I’m placing an order for the MCT Oil – worth a shot.

      4 – Very interested to explore Chemex. Sounds like a great recommendation from one coffee snob to another :)

      5 – I haven’t replicated a baked good in a while – I’m much safer avoiding them altogether!

      6 – Now THIS I’m going to try. I’m going to make a batch and give them a taste. If we mention the experiment on the show, do you mind if I give you credit by name?

      Thanks for the feedback Chuck – we appreciate it!

      • Chuck Currie

        Try both – they’re both high in fat – the bagel has more protein due to the protein powder and more eggs and smear on a gob of butter to up the fat even more. Give credit to the Sarah Ballantyne “The Paleo Mom” and/or Maria Emmerich @ marianutrition – I’ll take a Hat Tip though.

        Enjoy and Cheers


Posted by Roger Dickerman

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